Supplements can help ensure you get all the right nutrients

Supplements can help ensure you get all the right nutrients

We are forever being told about the need to make our diets more nutritious, to fill ourselves with all manner of potions and pills, in order to supplement our everyday menu and get the most benefits possible out of what we put into our bodies.

Unfortunately, the words nutrient, mineral and supplement are thrown around so much these days and in many cases apply little meaning to the products that they describe.

To add to the confusion, there seems to be a never ending ‘must have’ list of all types of biota, biotics, oxidants and legumes needed to help us realise our full health potential, but not one product that combines all of these essentials.

With all the obstacles that stand in the way of good nutrition, it’s a wonder any of us really attempt it at all.

To help us decode it all and share some advice on what we need Saira Salmon, a nutritionist at NewGen discusses why we need supplements.

“Intensive farming takes much of the blame, with chemical-based farming failing to properly nurture the health and fertility of the soil, as well as destroying many of the beneficial microbes within the soil structure.  Depleted soil equals depleted food.  Then we have many issues which have grown up alongside the industrialisation of the food chain – food picked unripe, often stored for many months in cold storage or gas-filled warehouses, fruit and vegetables sprayed with enzyme inhibitors, or irradiated, to extend shelf-life, and so on. All of these practices impact on nutrients levels in the food, meaning that instead of getting the high percentage of nutrients we should get from food, we are actually getting very little.

“Then we come to processing.  Very little of our food is unprocessed nowadays.  Processing has a tendency to de-nature foods, leading to loss of vital vitamins and minerals, as well involving the addition of various chemicals such as stabilisers, additives, preservatives etc.  You would be shocked at how much goes into some foods, and how little real food some foodstuffs contain.  A business based on profit does not have human health as its focus. 

“Many vitamins and some minerals are destroyed by heat, so cooking practices can further deplete food, and it doesn’t stop there – digestive problems are widespread and can impact on our ability to absorb what little nutrient may be left in food!  It really is a sorry tale, and I haven’t even mentioned microwave ovens or bad habits or even ageing!

“This is where supplements come into play and particularly where NewGen Superfoods Plus comes into its own.  Supplements act as a safety net to ensure that we receive, on a daily basis, a broad range of essential nutrients and protective antioxidants to help give your body what it needs to keep to be healthy, energetic and vital!”

Benefits of supplements / NewGen

The minerals in NewGen Superfoods Plus are naturally occurring plant minerals from ancient plant deposits from the Senonian era. Our minerals deliver the full spectrum of important hydrophilic, small-particle, bioavailable plant trace minerals. These are the same kind of hydrophilic minerals found in fruits and vegetables, but unfortunately it is difficult to obtain more then 18-20 minerals from the food available today. Our product contains 60+ hydrophilic minerals in each serving, providing your body with the minerals that nature intended.

Supplementing diets with NewGen Superfoods Plus has proven benefits for improving debilitating skin conditions such as Psoriasis and overall appearance of the skin, combatting fatigue, joint pain, boosting hair health and can prevent the development of deficiencies that lead to chronic health conditions.

Users of supplements, particularly NewGen have seen an improvement in energy levels and overall wellness, skin quality and a huge reduction in illness.

NewGen SuperFoods Plus is priced at £37.99 for 15 sachets and is available from

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