The Race for Life is one of the most loved charity events in the UK, as it brings women of all backgrounds and fitness levels together in order to raise money for the fight against cancer. While the spirit of the event is firmly rooted in charity, raising awareness and community action, the 10K Race for Life is also a gruelling challenge for even the most accomplished runners. A structured training programme is essential if you're hoping to run the entire course from start to finish.

A race for life 10k plan should include a combination of fitness training, strength and conditioning work and nutrition - tasks a personal trainer and dietitian can help you with. But when you consider the fact that these health professionals can charge up to £50 per hour for their services, you might prefer to go it alone in your journey to a race-ready level of fitness. However, with a low-cost digital coaching plan by your side, you can have all the benefits of professional fitness expertise and nutritional guidance without the price-tag.

Motivation in the palm of your hand

Let's face it; most people don't go anywhere without a mobile phone. If you are training for a 10K Race for Life event, you probably already use your phone for music and entertainment during your workouts. What if your phone could also be converted into your very own personal trainer and nutritionist? Well, it can, because the Kiqplan Race for Life 10k app is compatible with iOS and Android phones, and it can also be linked to the Fitbug activity tracker.

This intuitive app has been specifically designed to help people prepare themselves for the rigours of the 10K Race for Life. The app is a 12-week programme that guides you through a challenging training programme in readiness for the big day. Regardless of your size, age or fitness level, Kiqplan's Race for Life app will monitor your activity levels and calorie consumption, and provide you with workout videos, lifestyle tips and nutritional advice.

Completing your 10K course will require stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness, and this intuitive app will give you all three. Designed by fitness and nutrition experts, Kiqplan's digital coaching app is like having your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

The practical assistance of experts

People hire personal trainers because professionals have the knowledge and experience required to improve fitness gradually and safely. This is why the best digital coaches are developed by experts in the field of fitness.

Based on your current fitness levels, a digital coaching app will deliver specific workout videos and exercise tips in order to keep you on track towards your ultimate goal of competing at your chosen Race for Life 10K. Each exercise and workout you receive will provide a detailed breakdown of how to perform it safely and effectively. But unlike with real personal trainers, you can choose when and where you perform your workouts and fitness sessions.

Help with your diet

A nutritionist can perform the important task of assessing your activity levels, your current fitness levels and your ultimate goal in order to tailor an eating plan specifically for you. In many cases, such an eating plan must also take into consideration any weight loss requirements. This can be a highly complex task, and one which dietitians usually charge handsomely for. However, a digital coach uses your personal data, your net calorie consumption statistics and your activity levels to give you the nutritional advice needed to keep you energised, fit and on course to achieve your ultimate goal.

The Kiqplan Race for Life 10K app is a dietitian, personal trainer and lifestyle guru all rolled into one, and it provides you with the help, motivation and expertise required to complete the gruelling challenge that lies ahead - without the hefty bill at the end of the month.

The Race for Life is a unique opportunity to raise both money and awareness with regard to fighting cancer. But this massive event is also your chance to socialise, meet new friends and get fit. However, it's important to remember that the physical challenge of the event is a considerable one. A digital coach will provide you with everything you need to ensure you're ready for race day - everything except your own determination to succeed, that is.