Forget fad diets and expensive gym memberships, former World Champion sprinter Iwan Thomas reveals the top tips for staying fit and healthy in 2016, all from the comfort of your own home.

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1. Track Your Progress

To ensure you are challenging yourself daily, I recommend tracking your progress. Wearable tech is great for this, a device, such as a FitBit Charge HR, which can be worn on the wrist to monitor the number of footsteps, heart rate and calories burned, all of which are then synced to your smartphone or computer/laptop.

2. Prep Ahead

Snacking on the go and in-between meals can cause daily calorie intake to nearly double and very quickly. To help beat hunger and curb snacking, why not invest in a healthy smoothie maker such as a NutriBullet. Creating your own tasty and vitamin filled smoothies will help to satisfy those cravings.

3. Channel Your Inner Rocky

One of the biggest fitness trends for 2016 is boxing. It is a fun way to keep fit and a sport which has taken the celebrity world by storm, it's not only a great cardio workout but also helps to tone. Another bonus is that it doesn't require a lot of space and can easily be done in the comfort of your living room. A boxing workout can come in many forms, whether you are sparring with a friend using RDX's curved focus pads and boxing gloves or wanting to let out some tension on an Everlast cardio fitness punch bag.

4. Hula Hoops - Not Just For Eating!

Once a childhood past-time, Hula Hooping is fast becoming one of the most popular exercise workouts out there. Ensure you invest in a weighted hula hoop, such as the Davina weighted hula hoop, as this will add resistance to the workout, ideal for toning and strengthening core muscles. It is also something the whole family can get involved with.

5. Dance Like No-One Is Watching

Shaking those hips isn't just for the dance floor, dancing can be a fun solution to a cardio workout. No matter what you are doing, dancing around the house is a free way to get the heart rate pumping and burning those calories. Bluetooth speakers, such as the Beats by Dre Pill, allow you to pump out your favourite tunes; blaring through the house whilst cooking the dinner or getting the kids ready for school.

6. Not Just Child's Play

Skipping might be something we all associate with our childhood but it is one of the most effective workouts you can do at home. Burning up to 135 calories in 10 minutes, skipping helps not only with balance but also helps to sculpt the shoulders, arms, chest and legs. A skipping rope such as the Women's Health skipping rope with weighted handles is great and perfect for sunny weekends spent in the garden.

Olympian Iwan Thomas shares his best fitness tips

Olympian Iwan Thomas shares his best fitness tips

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