As an Osteopath I advocate keeping the body in as optimum a condition as you can.  Research has shown that this can lead to a better frame of mind, improve joint mobility and muscular support.  It also ensures that you can improve circulation of blood and oxygen around the body including the brain which can in turn help cognitive function and mood.

Phyllis Woodfine

Phyllis Woodfine

I frequently see patients who have neck and back pain which can sometimes be prevented so here are 7 simple tips to help you avoid frequent visits!

1. Get moving – our bodies are designed to move, continued static postures are the cause of many problems.  Sitting at your desk for long periods (or 4 hour binge watches on Netflix in awkward positions) don’t help! Get up after 20 minutes of sitting at your desk or the laptop, move away from the desk for just a minute to reset the muscles, after another 20 minutes, walk away from what you are doing and move to another room or place for 10 minutes so that you are now using different muscles.  

2. Avoid repetitive actions - for example if you are using a mouse try swapping and using your other hand on occasion so you balance things out.  

3. Maintain good posture – slouching can cause neck pain and headaches it puts strains and stresses on your spine or pelvis. Avoid rounding your shoulders, slouching, crossing your legs or bending sideways when standing.

4. Stretch, strengthen and breathe–a good routine such as Pilates which promotes conscious breathing and in turn helps oxygenate the body and muscles and promotes good posture.

5. Stay hydrated – this helps nourish and hydrate the spinal discs and muscles and maintains a healthy spine.

6.Exercise regularly – this can be a walk for just 30 minutes a day! If you have an active body, research has suggested that it can boost your self-esteem, enhance cognitive functioning, prevent injuries and improve your sleep.

7. Avoid overloading your handbag you probably don’t need it all! Try to switch up the hand you hold your bag in or the shoulder you put your bag on.  This helps to prevent added strains and muscle ache.

About Phyllis Woodfine 

Phyllis Woodfine – Osteopath, Success MentorWell-being, Mindset and Confidence Coach

Phyllis’ interest in health and wellbeing began in her teens as a result of sustaining sports related injuries and receiving treatment.

In her early 20’s she had to have a series of surgeries which sparked her interest in women’s health and the mindset of coping with unexpected difficulties.

After a few years working as a Building Surveyor in Environmental Health, Phyllis realised that helping people with their housing was not enough.

Her passion lay in supporting and empowering women with their health and confidence.

As a result, she retrained in the early 1990’s as a complementary therapist, culminating in 2002 when she obtained her degree in Osteopathy.

She subsequently completed training in clinical Pilates, NLP, NLP Master Practitioner has a qualification in Hypnotherapy and a MSc in Sports Injury Management.

During her 28- year career, Phyllis has imparted her passion for Women’s Health through teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

She has strived to improve and maintain the mindset and health of women by working in the community and combining her skills.

Phyllis has been a driving force in helping her patients, clients and students to realise their desire to improve their health, grow confidence, visibility and to create necessary changes in their lives.

Phyllis WoodfineRegistered OsteopathBSc (Hons) Ost, PGCert ACEMSc

Sports Injury Management Master NLP PractitionerHypnotherapist

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