Many fitness fanatics and runners incorporate the treadmill into their workout routine, as it offers consistency in training during cold, hot or dark outdoor conditions. There’s no need to put your training on hold because of adverse weather conditions when the treadmill's involved.

Here are some top tips on getting the most out of your treadmill workouts!

Here are some top tips on getting the most out of your treadmill workouts!

However, when the ever-changing weather isn’t an obstacle, many choose to train on a treadmill as a supplement to outdoor running or as part of a fitness plan incorporating cardio with weight training. The treadmill offers an easy way to moderate pace and track progress with all other factors controlled by the treadmill settings.

Follow NordicTrack’s 7 steps to make the most of your next treadmill workout and you may just see it become your favourite way to train...

1. Slowly does it

If you’re used to running outdoors, using a treadmill might take some getting used to at first. Start at a comfortable pace and let your body adjust to running on a moving surface and the lack of cool air around you.

2. Simulate outdoors

Many people say running on a treadmill is easier than running outdoors. There are many minor factors that contribute to this difference. By adjusting the incline of your treadmill to 1 or 2%, this simulates the same effort required to run outdoors on a level surface.

3. Keep your posture

When running outdoors, people tend to look straight ahead and focus on where they’re heading, on the treadmill this seems to go out of the window. Try to keep your eyes from wandering to the monitor or checking your foot positioning to avoid a breakdown of posture, or muscle aches. Cover the monitor with a sweat towel if necessary. Moreover, most of NordicTrack treadmills have a tablet holder where you can add an iPad or equivalent and either watch movies or follow a video workout thanks to iFit cardio. This helps a lot looking straight ahead !

4. Check your stride

With the treadmill propelling you along, it can seem like you’re running at a much faster pace than you would be on a static surface. However, it’s more likely that you will shorten your stride without realising. In order to keep your training intensity level, ensure you regularly check your stride and increase the pace if necessary.

5. Hydrate

One major difference to running indoors is the lack of cooling from the air around you. This means you will sweat a considerable amount more running on a treadmill, ensure you have plenty of water to rehydrate as you go.

6. Light on your feet

Treadmills are already providing cushioning for your feet so there is no need to wear heavily padded running shoes. Instead, opt for a more light, streamlined shoe which provides a dynamic and fast running style with a powerful push-off.

7. Mix it up

Running on a treadmill means your conditions don’t vary from day to day. Therefore, it’s essential to challenge your body with a variety of different training types. Try interval training, raising the incline, distance running, or discover many of the other settings that offer you pre-made running workouts! This is also where iFit (in-house developed coaching tech included in our most recent fitness machines) plays a major role. We know how hard it might be to train alone and to vary your training sessions from one day to the other; this is why iFit Cardio offers a myriad of workouts which can adapt to each person’s shape of the moment, goals, etc.)

Follow these 7 savvy treadmill tips for getting the most out of your treadmill at home!

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