Days can be tough and have a damaging effect on our mental health. Long hours sat staring at a computer or just slow days bring our mood down and increased pressure from employers make having time for ourselves feel like luxury.

Take Two Minutes

Take Two Minutes

But it is time to be strict with ourselves and take back two minutes of the day! Just two minutes is enough to reboot your brain and make you more productive at the end of the day.

In these two minutes try doing something calming, sit back from your desk, turn off the screen and take long deep breaths. Try to clear your mind and ignore the day so far.

Alternatively go for a quick walk around the office, after sitting down in an office chair it's good to stretch your legs and get rid of some of the tension in the body. Tension can make your body feel achy and tired, do om stretches that target all over especially the back and this is where your body feels the day.

Get some fresh air, sometimes the office can get pretty stuffy so even if it just standing at the door for two minutes the change in air will leave you refreshed and awake for the rest of the working day.

These two minutes could make the wold of difference to your day it just gives you a small moment to reflect and let you brain switch off.

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