Does your partner snore through the night?

Does your partner snore through the night?

Over 40% of people say their partners snoring habit has a negative impact on how well they sleep, according to new research. 

It also found that this leaves a third grouch and 1 in 5 feeling constantly tired and less productive. 

A spokesperson for Nytol, who carried out the survery, comments: “Snoring is a growing concern in the UK, fuelled by an aging population and obesity epidemic. We know that snoring is the cause of many interrupted nights sleep and people feel resigned that there is nothing that can be done.”

Extreme reactions

Research by Nytol found that while a third of people have no idea why they snore, more than half have never done anything to stop themselves snoring.

This blind acceptance by snorers is contributing to some extreme reactions from long-suffering partners. Nearly a third of other halves resort to sleeping in another room while 2 in 5 engage in bed time tussles, moving their partner from their back to their side to help ease the noise.

Sleep expert, Dr Chris Idzikowski, Director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre comments: “Snoring can greatly impact sleep quality which may eventually lead to more serious health problems. If you or your partner snore then there’s a variety of simple things you can do to manage the condition such as sleeping on your front or side, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding alcohol late at night. While there is no cure for snoring, it can be controlled so it may also be worth discussing options such as anti snoring sprays, humidifiers, mouth guards and nasal passage plasters.”

Stronger together

Despite many partners feeling the impact of a noisy night only one in seven have proactively bought their bed mate a product to help relieve snoring. Dr Idzikowski adds: “To ensure couples maintain the intimacy of their relationship and prevent snoring from getting in the way of a good night’s sleep, it is important that both the snorer and the partner work together to find a solution. By tackling the problem jointly as a team, an effective treatment can be found more quickly allowing both partners to sleep easy night after night.”

Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray is suitable for adults over 18 and has a RRP £12.99. Available from pharmacies and grocery stores across the UK. 

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