If you’ve developed mouth ulcers or your gums have become sensitive, swollen and prone to bleeding during pregnancy then you could be one of the 70% of women who experience pregnancy gingivitis (gum disease). If left untreated this can go on to cause serious complications, including premature labour and a low-birth weight. Estimates suggest that nearly 20% of premature births are triggered by gum disease.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

Mum of two Tracy claims her ulcers left her feeling down and out, spoiling the enjoyment of pregnancy. Pregnancy for me was a very difficult time because of my mouth ulcers. I was delighted to have escaped from morning sickness but instead had to wince my way through mouth ulcers giving me sleepless nights and restless days long before my new born babies did.”

“Pregnancy is supposed to be a time when you feel happy and healthy and glow from within, but instead I felt worn out from the pain of mouth ulcers, I avoided being social because of the pain from simply talking.”

A combination of hormonal changes and a surge in blood flow, most commonly during the second trimester, leads to plaque building up around the base of the tooth causing puffy and bleeding gums. Excessive bacteria can enter the bloodstream via sore gums, travelling to the uterus, triggering the production of chemicals which can induce labour.

According to award-winning dental hygienist and trained nutritionist Juliette Reeves, “Women should be extra vigilant about their nutrition and oral hygiene during pregnancy. In addition to regular flossing and cleaning, mums-to-be should adopt a healthy diet and incorporate products to protect their gums into their daily oral regime.”

The Gengigel range of products (available online at Boots) utilise the natural therapeutic benefits of hyaluronic acid to provide welcome relief from the discomfort and pain of pregnancy gingivitis, helping to prevent more serious long-term damage to your oral health. Clinically proven to heal inflamed or damaged gums, Gengigel delivers a 50% reduction in bleeding gums within 7 days

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