Many wonder just how they're going to fit their full five a day into their diet, so opting to make one of those five a juice can be the perfect solution. We've teamed up with B. Fresh who have provided seven reasons why we should be including juice in our five a day.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

1. Convenience

Even though 5 portions of fruit and veg doesn't sound too onerous, too many of us still struggle to achieve that magic number. So grabbing a bottle of juice is a quick (and delicious may we say) way of clocking up another portion whilst on the go.

2. Variety

We can soon become habitual in our choice of fruit and veg. Juice can help broaden that offer and encourage us to try something different that we may then introduce to our shopping list.

3. Hydration

Critical and also sometimes boring, keeping hydrated is an important part of our daily routine. Popping in another of your five a day whilst hydrated has to be win-win!

4. Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is commonplace and an often unknown health hack is to drink a juice high in vitamin C alongside your greens. Why? The vitamin C in your juice helps iron absorption in your body.

5. Time hungry

So we all have those days when the time isn't on our side and we get a little carb crazy in what we eat. So when those days loom a juice can give you that fresh hit to balance things out.

6. Snack 

Oh, how we love to snack! So switch out the protein balls or the cheeky doughnut every now and again and replace with a juice. It'll help fill the gap and yes, give you another portion. 

7. Love the rainbow

Drinking a variety of different coloured juices will not only give you one of your five but also gives you the variety of minerals and vitamins that our bodies need. Plus why wouldn’t you try all the colours!

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