By Jemma Thomas, Personal Trainer and Founder of Jemma’s Health Hub, an online fitness community for women (

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The gyms are now open, albeit with smaller classes, less equipment and social distancing. However, returning to the gym after a long break, particularly if you haven’t been able to keep up with those Joe Wicks lockdown workouts can be intimating! Fear not, as working out at home is just as effective and there are lots of easy exercises that you can do.All you need is decent trainers, a mat, some motivational music – and some patient neighbours if you live in an upstairs flat! 

Here’s 7 of my favourites that I tend to teach in a ‘Seven minute Circuit’ so you do 45 seconds of each, then a 15 second break three times making a really good 21 minute work out! (Jemma is that right? Please correct if not!)

1. Star Jumps – you might remember doing these a lot when you were a kid and they are so simple but effective. Jumping up with you arms and legs out in a star for around 45 seconds is a great way of keeping fit.

2. Sprinting on the spot – try to sprint on the spot as fast as you can. You can go slow to start with in a jog, and then build it up into a sprint once you’ve got fitter. Do this for 45 seconds and rest for 15. 

3. Squats – Stand with your legs apart and bend your legs, making sure your back is straight. The lower you go, the harder it’ll be but the more impact you’ll have. Again do it for 45 seconds and add a little pressure by carrying a 2kg weight as you do it, lifting them above your head as your swat. This is a great glute work out, strengthening your peachy bum!

4. Cobra push up – This helps to strengthen the lower back. Get down on your mat with your chest and thighs flat to the ground. Place your palms against the ground and gradually lift your upper body off the ground, keeping your lower half against the mat still. Hold the position for 5 seconds and then lower back to the ground. Again try to do it for 45 seconds with a 15 second break. 

5. The High Plank – Getting down onto your mat, get into a high plank position where you have your legs stretched out and you’re facing the mat with your arms stretched and carrying your weight. How your position for 45 seconds, or as long as you can. This is a brilliant way of strengthening your core and abs. 

6. Lunges – These are also great for strengthening your legs and bum. Simply put your right leg in front of the other leg and lunge so that your left knee is pushed down to the ground, almost to a kneel positioning. Alternate legs and continue for 45 seconds with a 15 second break. 

7. The Glutes Bridge – Get down with your back to the mat and your knees bent. Thrust your hips into the sky and squeeze up and down for 45 seconds. Complement it with hand weights by your hips if you want to make it even harder! Hold your raised position for a few seconds before bringing it back down and continue for 45 seconds. Don’t forget to breath while you’re going! 

Membership to Jemma’s Health Hub is £29 per month and for that you receive three or four workouts a week taking place on facebook live at 6.30am. (Monday – leg day, Wednesday – arm day, Friday – cardio day, and kettlebells thrown in for good measure!). However, if you can’t make the 6.30am wake up call, you can log in and do it when it suits you.  You also receive a downloadable ‘How To’ guide including over 35 wholesome recipes to try out, as well as a downloadable ‘tick chart’ for you to print up every 4 weeks and stick to the fridge so you can see your progress. But, most importantly, it gives you an amazing support network and an instructor who will be there for you, helping you feel supported and mentally stronger as time goes on.     

For more information visit / @jemmas_health_hub (Instagram) 

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