Setting time aside to exercise can be difficult as it seems that the motivation soon disappears when something else crops up or our mood drops.

Making time to exercise

Making time to exercise

It is important to introduce some form of exercise of your lifestyle, exercise improves your general health, improves flexibility, boosts your metabolism and enhances your mood. It can be difficult finding the time the average work day begins at nine and ends at five which does not give a lot of flexibility when scheduling a daily hour workout.

The great thing is these days with the huge focus on getting fit there are many alternatives to slogging it out in the gym for hours on end:

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is becoming quite popular with workouts from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Yoga: Yoga doesn't have a set time limit, and can be tailored to all levels. It's not meant to be stressful or frustrating in fact it is a peaceful relaxing way to gradually gain strength and build flexibility.

Running: Running is a great way to build stamina and practice to control your breathing which allows better performance in exercise. The great thing is the length and time of the run depends on you and can be completely tailored to your busy schedule.

Those are just some nice short workouts that have great benefits, but sometimes even finding a spare ten minutes in your hectic schedule can be tough.

AM vs PM: A lot of people prefer to get up early and workout than wait till the day is over. It is easier to sacrifice an extra half an hour sleep in the morning than not exercise at all. Exercising in the morning sets you up for the day but it also means you don't have to go all day thinking about ways to get out of doing the evening exercise you planned. If you cannot fit it into you morning then do it straight after you get home, before you eat so the feeling of bloating isn't an issue.

Prepare: give yourself no excuse to not exercise and leave your workout clothes out the night before so they are the first thing you see and put on in the morning.

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