Are you trying to lose weight for Christmas?

Are you trying to lose weight for Christmas?

Today is Little Black Dress Day, the last day that, according to nutritionists, you can reasonably start your diet and lose weight in time for Christmas. But is it really that simple? Dr Jain, cosmetic expert and founder of Riverbanks Clinic reveals the truth about banishing the flab.

Dr Ravi Jain has revealed that despite peoples best efforts at diet and fitness over the coming weeks, many will be left disappointed that they haven’t achieve the perfectly toned body they see in the weight loss adverts.

The lead up to Christmas is always a popular time for diet and exercise programmes, and these should always be encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle, however, when it comes to the perfect silhouette, is isn’t always as easy to achieve as some weight loss companies would make out.

Dr Ravi Jain, a renowned aesthetic beauty expert reveals that women commonly have troublesome ‘pockets’ of fat in certain areas, which no amount of exercise or dieting will be able to shift.

“Losing weight is not the same has having the right silhouette and this is the biggest downfall when people embark on training and dieting and expect a certain end result. You can have a very slim person with ‘saddle bags’ on their hips or a talll slim man suffering from moobs. Equally, you could be a perfect size 8 but with a muffin top, meaning that you still wouldn’t’ feel comfortable in a tight little black dress,” explains Dr Jain.

With rising demand for body contouring treatments such as VASERLIPO, Vaser 4D, Cooltech and Med Countour, could such treatments provide the answer for those struggling to rid those tricky areas of flab in time for Christmas?

‘Whilst the full benefits of any of these body contouring treatments won’t be clear until about six months after a procedure, you would certainly be ready to show off your new body after about 8 weeks,” explains Dr Jain.

For those who are hoping show off a new figure in time for Christmas, Dr Jain provides the following tips.

1)   Be realistic

Christmas is just weeks away, so be realistic in what you can achieve if you are looking to shape up in time for Christmas parties. Don’t push yourself further than is healthy or reasonable based on your current lifestyle, job, family responsibilities etc. The best diet and training programmes are those that you can start and maintain well into 2014.

2)   Be flattering

Choose clothes that suit your figure. Whatever size and shape you are, find the outfits that flatter you the most. Remember, confidence is your most beautiful asset!

3) Understand Your Body

Every body is different, so spend some time looking at how your body responds to changes in food and exercise routines. Taking pictures on a weekly basis during a programme of diet and fitness will help show you which parts are responding and whether you have any stubborn areas that just won’t budge no matter how hard you try. Knowing your body and understanding how far you can’t take it yourself will help you to better evaluate your options should you find yourself considering whether body contouring procedures could be right for you.

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