Get your stomach toned and taut with these tips

Get your stomach toned and taut with these tips

Celebs are forever flaunting their flat, toned stomachs – but can us mere mortals ever get the same effect?

Of course we can, it’s just going to take time and dedication.

With a few key exercises and diet changes you could be on your way to a toned midriff.

Personal trainer and outdoor fitness expert for, Rob Jones gives us the low down on five top tips for a killer midriff.

Rob Jones’ Five Top Tips For A Perfectly Toned Tummy

1. It’s not all about sit-ups. Sure, sit-ups and ab crunches work your six-pack, but for better defined abs spend the majority of your workout on exercises that burn more calories and shift body fat.

2. Be consistent. Dedicate time every day to focus on your training and make abs an integral part of each and every workout

3. Hone your diet. You eat your way to a six pack, so watch what you munch and focus on foods and sports supplements high in protein that help muscle growth and keep body fat low

4. Vary your workouts. Vary your ab workouts daily to work the different muscles that run across that area of the body - work abs, back and bum for the perfect balance.

5. Core and more. Include both isometric exercises (holding exercises such as a plank or side plank) with dynamic exercises (where you contract the muscles such as an ab crunch) in every workout

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