It's easy to pile on the pounds when your job means sitting at a desk all day. So we have rounded up some tips to help you maintain your weight while at work.

Pack good snacks

Pack good snacks

Pack your lunches

- Make your lunch with lots of protein and vegetables and lay off the carbs- high protein- low carb will keep you satisfied throughout the day rather than giving you that mid-afternoon slump.

- Make them fun- by purchasing a new lunchbox, a range of Tupperware tubs for lots of healthy foods and snacks and a large water bottle to keep you hydrated.

- Make your lunch the night before so you don't rush and put any old lunch in your bag in the morning.

Choose healthy options when eating out

- If you have a business lunch or are celebrating a co-workers birthday choose sensibly.

- Take a look at the menu before you go and decide on a healthy option before you sit down and don't deviate.

Pack healthy snacks

- Take fruit and vegetables to work as snacks- leave out the chocolate and crisps.

- Limit yourself to 200 calorie snacks-if you don't keep check your snacks can amount to the same as a small meal.

Avoid candies

- Don't succumb to the temptation of vending machines or bowls of sweets.

- Say 'no' to a piece of birthday cake from your colleague who's celebrating.

Drink lots of water

- If you're feeling peckish you're probably thirsty not hungry, so reach for your water bottle or go to the water cooler. You should be drinking 6-8 glasses a day, so give yourself a head start at work.

- Make sure you drink plenty in the afternoon- as that's when you can get groggy - water will keep you alert for round two.

- Avoid fizzy drinks, they may give you a temporary boost but you will soon regret it when the sugar dip happens.

Remove bad things from your desk

- Put lots of good snacks in your desk drawer and crowd out the bad stuff.

- List the snacks you'll be having during the week so you can plan ahead and avoid temptation.

For more advice on weight loss visit our HealthClinic.

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