Keep yourself healthy in heat by washing your hands

Keep yourself healthy in heat by washing your hands

As Britain prepares for the hottest week of the year with temperatures soaring higher than Hawaii, this weekend is sure to be filled with BBQ brilliance. But with 120,000 extra cases of illnesses recorded when the weather is warmest, hygiene experts are concerned that our laid-back approach to BBQ hygiene could affect our health this summer.             

Our seasonal stomach upsets could be linked as much to poor hand, surface and utensil hygiene as badly cooked meat, with new research revealing that nearly 50% of people don’t wash their hands when preparing food and 75% of preparation surfaces are home to more bacteria than a sanitary bin..  

So before firing up the grill this summer, take heed of Dr Lisa Ackerley’s top tips for safe and hygienic entertaining this barbecue season.


It is important to avoid using dishcloths to clean where possible, as new research has revealed nine out of ten are ‘heavily contaminated’ with bacteria such as E.coli.4 Make sure surfaces are hygienically clean by using Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleansing Wipes & Spray that kill 99.9% of bacteria which could contaminate barbecue shelves, the garden table and other surrounding surfaces.


Almost half of frequently touched items and surfaces are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria therefore it is essential that guests wash their hands when eating or handling food. Use new Dettol Antibacterial No Touch Hand Wash with E45, a dual-action solution to kill 99.9% of bacteria at every wash whilst keeping your hands feeling soft and replenished


Studies have found that E.coli can survive for over 28 days on stainless steel surfaces such as cooking utensils so it is important to keep them thoroughly clean. Remember to think about using separate tongs, cutlery and utensils when handling cooked and uncooked meat to prevent cross contamination between equipment.

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