The avocado is becoming Britain’s newest and most versatile ‘super-fruit’. Best eaten raw, they have become a must-have for any healthy diet.

Holy Moly Saintly Original

Holy Moly Saintly Original

To celebrate the launch of Holy Moly, a new avocado dip range that is dairy, gluten and preservative free, here are some of the reasons why the avocado is one of the best foods you can eat:

Twice as much potassium than bananas. Potassium helps maintain a normal blood pressure and is crucial to heart function which helps prevent heart and kidney disorders as well as strokes.

Low in sugar compared to other fruits. An avocado contains only 0.5 grams of sugar compared to an apple which contains 19 grams and a mango which contains 23 grams. As fruit ripens, the starch turns into sugars meaning the riper the fruit the high the sugar content.

Significant source of protein. Avocados have the highest protein content of any fruit which helps build and repair body tissue. Your need for protein increases especially when you exercise, making avocados the perfect post gym snack.

Contains ‘good fats’. Although avocados are high in calories compared with other fruits, 75% of their fats are unsaturated, making them the perfect substitute for foods high in saturated fats. This also means eating avocado will satisfy cravings of foods that are unhealthy.

The ‘happy fruit’. If you have a hectic lifestyle, it is important you are eating the right foods. The monounsaturated fats in avocados help fight fatigue and depression and keep you feeling happy.

Great for beauty treatments. Their glutamine amino acids can help heal scars, boost collagen formation and even reduce wrinkles, making it the ideal ingredient for a facemask.

Helps protect your un-born baby. Avocados are high in folic acid (59mcg) which helps prevent birth defects in babies. Tip – they are also known to help nausea and queasiness for women suffering from morning sickness.

Weight management. Reduce snacking by eating avocados as they leave you feeling satisfied for longer than most foods. Like bananas, they release energy slowly leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Holy Moly’s 100% pure pot of avocado is the perfect snack as it is already smashed and 100% natural, making it easy to eat on the go.

Helps prevent bad breath. It is often indigestion that causes bad breath. Incorporating avocados into your diet will improve this problem as they contain soluble and insoluble fibres that help to keep the digestive system running smoothly. 

Reduces arthritis symptoms. Avocados help reduce inflammation in tissues, muscles and joints meaning it helps symptoms that millions of sufferers experience. 

Holy Moly’s new innovative range consists of three all-natural, sin-free dips, including the UK’s first 100% pure smashed avocado and two flavours of guacamole; Saintly Original and Devilishly Hot.

They contain no nasties, making it the ultimate healthy avocado snack as well as being gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly and has no added sugar. The avocados are hand-picked, hand-scooped and mixed with fresh locally sourced ingredients at its source in Mexico, to make sure the outcome is as close to homemade as homemade.

Holy Moly dips are now available online at Ocado, Waitrose and Whole Foods Market. For more information on the Holy Moly dip range, visit:

Price: From £2.79 per pot