From cardio to weight training, we all have individual preferences when it comes to our workout regime and how to achieve the best possible results. However, if you’re one to get bored of the same mundane routine and are looking for something different, or are struggling to reach the fitness goal you have set yourself, Kate Burdett, Head Trainer at London’s newest Pilates studio, Raw Pilates, shares her insight on how incorporating Pilates into your workout can improve your overall performance in the gym: 

Improved Joint Movement: Pilates is a great way to relieve joint pain as well as improve your overall health and wellbeing. Regular participation in Pilates sessions can help to increase joint motion, and ultimately prevent damage, or avert existing damage from worsening. The better the range of movement, the more the muscle can be activated, and the more the muscle can grow. 

Mind, Muscle Activation: Pilates is renowned for muscle toning and teaching you how to recruit the correct muscle groups in an exercise. As Pilates is a LISS exercise, movements are executed slowly, giving you more time to think about your muscle engagement. You won’t just see gains in your body but also in your brain capacity and concentration prowess.  

Correcting Imbalances: With a prominent focus on balance and core strength, Pilates is also a great way to improve posture and correct imbalances. Many of us spend our days slumped over computer screens, occasionally lifting heavy items incorrectly or not taking enough notice of how and where to hold our shoulders in order to stand tall. Pilates enables you to strengthen and stretch your spine, knees, hips, and shoulders, offering you the ability to perform at your best and achieve your desired fitness results without any muscle damage.

Core Activation: The more you activate your core muscles during an exercise, the stronger the platform you have to move and lift your desired weight. Ultimately, this will allow you to move onto a heavier weight in the future as well as improve strength and stamina.

Enabling Endurance: Once you have incorporated Pilates in to your fitness regime, you will begin to notice significant changes to your general fitness abilities due to the functional usage of the body. Not only will your posture, tone and core strength significantly improve, but it will also provide you with the health and stamina needed to help you excel with cardio-based exercises too.

Don’t be shy to try new things, especially a fitness concept that is guaranteed to provide you with the optimum results you’re looking for, such as Pilates. For those looking to give Pilates a go, check out Raw Pilates (, providing a simple and stripped-back approach to training, Raw Pilates offers a fully integrated and holistic alternative to fitness and wellbeing, all within a luxurious and tranquil environment.