Keep your energy levels up this festive season

Keep your energy levels up this festive season

The festive season is nearly upon us and as our calendars get filled up our energy starts to drain, here we have some tips to help you through. 

To help us keep our spirits high and help avoid the dreaded hangover, wellbeing expert and author of Energise You – The Ultimate Stress Busting and Energy Plan, Oliver Gray, has worked with Revive from Lucozade to provide some simple Energy tips to keep us party perfect and work wonderful this Christmas season:

“Be smart with your drinking; always drink water when you’re out, this will naturally mean you drink less alcohol and will help your head the following day by keeping you hydrated, don’t drink on an empty stomach and try not to mix your drinks.

So you’ve had a big night and you’re feeling rotten the next day, here are some tips to deal with the hangover from hell; drink at least two litres of water throughout the day, eat alkaline foods to beat the acid stomach for example green vegetables and almonds and avoid sugary foods as will only deplete your energy in the long run.

Healthy eating the day after a big night is key to ensure your energy is the best it can be, go for:

A high energy breakfast of oats, seeds and berries

For lunch combine a low GI carbohydrate with a food high in protein, for example quinoa, chicken and avocado salad or a warming vegetable soup with beans

A high energy afternoon snack, such as oat cakes with almond butter or go for a Revive drink by Lucozade, this is low in calories and contains B vitamins, which are great for energy production

A light evening meal of healthy light protein for example chicken, fish, lentils or tofu and lots of vegetables

On the nights you are not out, prioritise sleep. These are three ways help you get the best quality of sleep to aid recovery:

Avoid all technology one hour before bed so your body can naturally unwind

Use your last hour before bed to calm yourself from the day for example with a hot bath, relaxing music, massage from your partner or meditation

Get into bed for 10pm, early to bed early to rise gives your body the best recovery.”

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