High blood pressure affects nearly half of all adults in the UK, but despite this, people are still baffled and confused by the condition

The research, conducted by Braun Blood Pressure Monitors among 2,000 adults, found that 71% of UK adults are unaware that high blood pressure is more dangerous than low blood pressure and over three quarters, do not know what a healthy range is. Just 26% think they have a good knowledge of the condition. This is backed up by the study, which revealed widespread misconceptions.

It's worrying that over half of the adults in the UK don't have their blood pressure checked more than once a year. Only one in ten adults are aware that having high blood pressure can cause dementia. One in five adults incorrectly believe that not getting enough sleep and getting aroused causes high blood pressure.

About 45% of adults in the UK over the age of 25 have high blood pressure and not surprisingly, four out of five adults don't know what their blood pressure reading is. 83% are unable to identify what blood pressure is measured in (mmHg - millimeters mercury) while 16% incorrectly believe it is measured in 'pressure per millimeter' and 3% believed that it is measured in 'pounds per square inch.'

Blood pressure blunders

Factors that adults incorrectly believe cause high blood pressure include:

- Getting less than six hours sleep a night (18%)

- Getting aroused (14%)

- Eating too much protein (10%)

- Having hot baths (8%)

- Traveling by plane (7%)

To help UK adults monitor their blood pressure more closely Braun has released its Healthy heart app, which is now available to download free of charge on both iOS and Android devices. The new app provides essential tools to track a user's health and gives them the knowledge to take action. The app works in conjunction with Braun blood pressure monitors - as well as monitors from any other brand.

The app provides guidance and motivation to allow users to share their blood pressure readings with their family and doctor and helps the user set targets for their blood pressure, giving them tips and advice to achieve and maintain healthy levels long term.

General Practitioner and Braun health expert Dr Martin Godfrey comments: "High blood pressure is a very prevalent condition in the UK, impacting a huge proportion of adults. It is a concern that so few have a good knowledge of it, but even more concerning is that many simply aren't checking their blood pressure. The only way to know for sure is to have it checked regularly and as the chances of having high blood pressure increase with age, this is particularly important for those over the age of 45.

"Braun's range of home use blood pressure monitors make taking your own blood pressure easy and the Healthy heart app makes tracking it a breeze. Data from the app can be sent to your doctor in advance of a checkup, allowing them to get an overview of your blood pressure history at a glance, meaning great benefits for both patients and health care professionals alike."

Sophie Mathey-Debeaumont, Brand Manager for Braun Healthcare, comments: "We want to help members of the public take better care of their heart and demystify the numbers. We therefore undertook this research to highlight the common misconceptions and misunderstandings around the condition and to inspire more UK adults to check their own blood pressure.

"Our app encourages users to measure their blood pressure more often, helping them to understand more about their own cardiovascular health. The app was created with the user in mind and to help them take control of their health and keep track of their blood pressure."

Braun VitalScanTM 3 (BBP2200) Wrist blood pressure monitor and the Braun ExactFitTM 5 (BP6200) Upper arm blood pressure monitor are available at Boots stores RRP £39.99 / £99.99.

Brits are baffled by blood pressure

Brits are baffled by blood pressure

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