Get lean and toned with BalletBeFit

Get lean and toned with BalletBeFit

Ballet classes have become the latest fitness trend amongst celebs with plenty of ladies flaunting their lean bodies on the front of magazines and on swimsuit shoots but now you can get that workout at home.

Many Victorias Secret models, Taylor Swift and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are just some of the celebs who have taken up the fitness trend and when you think of their lithe bodies its something youre going to want to try too.

Trying to find a ballet fitness class may be hard depending on where youre based, but with the help of BalletBeFit you can try it at home, ideal for those who dont feel so confident trying it out.

Created by classically trained dancer Rachel Withers, the class and the DVD take a fun and light hearted approach to a dance discipline that can be incredibly difficult to master.

Choreographed for everyone, regardless of their age, shape, size or ability, BalletBeFit is a dance workout with a difference.

The exercise routine works you incredibly hard and youll certainly feel the burn as youre doing it with plenty of focus on strength training and toning the muscles.

The 60 minute workout features a warm up, Barre work, cardio, abs and a cool down and its broken down into sections so you can pick and choose which parts you do. Of course always start with the warm up to get your body ready for the workout and finish with the cool down to stretch the muscles and reduce the build up of lactic acid.

The great thing about this DVD is all you need is a chair to do it, so you dont have to worry about having all of the equipment just the determination to get through it.

BalletBeFit is a ballet inspired dance workout that will help to strengthen, lengthen and tone and help you sculpt a beautiful silhouette. If you’re looking for a new challenge in your workout routine, this is definitely it.

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