Where will you be watching the Olympics?

Where will you be watching the Olympics?

The Olympics are heading ever nearer and Brits are already planning on which events they're going to be watching, whether they're on during working hours or not. 

A new survey found that 4.8 million Brits are planning on making a 'croaky' morning phone call to their bosses so that they can ensure they're not missing out on the Olympic action. 

There may have been a huge shortage of tickets and predicted transport chaos, but it seems that the nation is still determined on enjoying this summer's sporting action. 

The research of 2,000 adults by Littlewoods.com also found that nearly a quarter of a million men are set to skip work just to watch the women's beach volleyball.

And it’s not just for one day that our naughty nation intend on pulling the wool over their employers eyes, as one in five of these Brits admit they’re preparing to take between four-to-five sick days during the 17 day Olympic period.

Skivers Top Olympic Events

Young gold medal diving hopeful Tom Daley was the biggest pull for Brits looking to avoid work, with 17 per cent stating they are looking to call in sick to watch the diving star in action. Also high on the list is Scottish hero Sir Chris Hoy, swimmer Rebecca Adlington and Jessica Ennis in the triathlon.

Living Room Upgrades

The research also reveals the large number of Brits investing in new living room luxuries to ensure they watch the games in style from the comfort of their own homes. It revealed that a whopping 7.5 million Britons will be buying brand new TV’s to watch all the Olympic action on, another 3.1 million are planning on purchasing a new laptop and 2.8 million will be enjoying a new sofa to ensure they have the best seat in the house.

And forget the expensive food served up at the Olympic Park, as the good old British favourite the BBQ will be in favour, with 2.5 million sets predicted to be purchased.

Commenting on the findings, Gary Kibble, Brand Director of Littlewoods.com said: “The research is quite phenomenal, and just goes to show the lengths that patriotic Brits will go to show their support for Team GB. Of course not everybody is going to be lucky enough to watch the games from the Olympic stadium, but with so many people looking to make upgrades to their living rooms with items they’re certainly not going to be missing out on the action.

"With the introduction of live streaming it means families will be able to watch multiple events at the same time from different rooms of their houses if they wish, so nobody need miss out on their favourite athlete in action. Because of this we’re anticipating selling lots of internet TVs, laptops and tablets, as well as sofas and fridges, so we’re making sure we stock up ahead of the big event.

It’s great to see how far the nation is prepared to go to the watch the games and we wish all the Team GB athletes the very best as they go for Gold at London 2012 this summer.”

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