London, Jan Beer-crazy Britons woke up this week to news that a new hangover-free beer invented by an Indian expert will soon hit the stands - spreading cheer particularly among those with beer-bellies.

For, the beer, branded as the Ladybird Bio Beer, claims to cut cholesterol and eases conditions such as asthma and arthritis. But it will pack the same punch as any average beer available in Britain.

The beer, invented by Srinivasa Amarnath over 10 years, is said to contain ingredients to stop revellers getting a sore head the next morning. It also uses the usual ingredients such as barley, malt and hops.

The vitamin-rich beer is five percent proof and contains extracts of aloe vera and the herbs phyllanthus niruri and ashwagandha, which have medicinal qualities. Reports said the beer is already a massive hit in India, where it was launched last year.

Amarnath was quoted in reports here as saying: "Following extensive research Bio beer has outperformed in all areas including taste, smell and ingredients."

He claimed that imbibing the beer regularly can help prevent ulcers, gastric problems and "other harmful effects of drinking".

Bio beer will initially be sold in bars and restaurants from this week, priced at 1.89 pounds for a 650-millilitre bottle.

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