Abbey pictured her at the Pride of Britain Awards

Abbey pictured her at the Pride of Britain Awards

Abbey Clancy has been pictured in recent weeks supporting a distinctly fuller pout and she's been using it to full effect on the red carpets.

Her recent trip to Dubai, or more recently wearing Giles to the British Fashion Awards this week, the mum-of-one sent tongues wagging about whether or not she's had a little surgery to enhance her pout.

Lisa Littlehales, lead nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, gives her say on the models new appearance:

"I would say that Abbey Clancy has definitely had fillers recently in her lips, as they are much fuller and pronounced - probably in the last couple of days.

"Looking back at pictures of Abbey when she was 18 years old she had a much thinner top lip. Since them, it looks like she regularly has filler in both her bottom and top lip which has created a fuller looking pout."

Whether she has or not - there's no doubt that Peter Crouch's wife still looks stunning.

Lisa continues: "It's very important for patient's to ensure they visit a responsible provider, who will always counsel the patient to ensure they don't go over the top with treatment and overuse what should be an effective product with great results.

"A good place to find a provider is on the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) website, which lists responsibile, professional and full-trained providers. Achieving a balanced lip shape which suits your face shape is key to ensure you look and feel confident."

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