Could you get ripped in 10 minutes?

Could you get ripped in 10 minutes?

We all know that finding the time to workout can be difficult, but 10 minute bursts can in fact have a positive effect on your fitness and health. 

They are quick, achievable and even enjoyable. 

Simple Sculptathon, created by Anna Reich, Simple’s Fitness Expert is all about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cleverly combined with cardio and toning dance moves such as ballet and Pilates.

Anna says: “This shouldn’t be a substitute for doing the national recommended amount of exercise per week (2.5 hrs) but this is a realistic and reachable high energy range of combo cardio exercises that will help you become strong and supple and improve flexibility as well as giving you a radiant, brighter looking complexion.”

Why not try the Simple Ballet Box, one of the new exercises from Simple Sculptathon.

Main muscles worked: glutes, abdominals and back

Reps: one minute with five second rest between each one

-          Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart, knees and toes turned out about 45 degrees (this is called the ballet-inspired deep plié squat)

-          Brace your back and core and start jabbing across the body, alternating each arm

-          Punch powerfully from the shoulder joint and draw the elbow back in, tight and fast to your rib cage

This works the leg muscles whilst maintaining the ballet position but also focuses on the arms and top half core muscles at the same time.

Cardio exercise also helps deliver a surge of blood and nutrients around the body, helping to feed your complexion resulting in glowing skin.

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