Xbox Series X isn't only about improving graphics.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that the main focus of the new console will not simply be better graphics, it will also improve load times and frame rates, which he believes will lead to a better gaming experience.

Speaking during the recent GameLab event, he said: "I think we're at a point now-with immersion, with the tools we have and the compute capability -that the deltas will be smaller from a visual impact, or that feature X was never possible before and now it is. And that might sound depressing to some, but what I would say is the advantage side of what I'm seeing now is really the immersive nature of the content that's getting created.

"We're able to get to almost lifelike graphics today, even on current-gen in certain instances. But when you take that and you mix it with a very high frame rate, solid frame rate, very little latency in input, and the ability for game storytellers to really push the emotion and the story they're trying to get through their game, through the screen, through the controller and into you? That is something I'm feeling in the games now that is a dramatic step up."

The Xbox Series X will be released this year with 'Halo Infinite' as a launch title.