'FIFA 17' fans have been given an insight into how Marcus Rashford and Willian prepare for the big game.

Marcus Rashford in video

Marcus Rashford in video

The 19-year-old Manchester United footballer and the Chelsea midfielder - whose full name is Willian Borges da Silva - appear in a new promotional video for Xbox Live, where fans can see how this footballing duo get ready for a match on the sports video game.

The trailer begins with Rashford sat in his studio apartment, deep in thought, whilst elsewhere, Willian is seen looking out of his window as he takes in the sights of the city before him.

It then switches back to Rashford, back in his apartment. He is now standing by the window and kisses the chain around his neck before heading into the bathroom to splash water on his face and continue with some neck exercises and other stretches.

Willian decides to calm down with some music, popping on his headphones as he completes his own set of stretches and limbers up for the game.

With their pets out of the way and a Xbox notification for Rashford, the duo complete their final preparations. Everything must be perfect so the pair alter their television sets and seats, disable their door bells and put on their comfiest footwear before selecting their favourite Xbox One controller to play the beautiful game.

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