Due to the change of paradigms women, nowadays, frequent casinos as equally as men. In the past, the male gender predominated in the sector of gambling and betting, through the advances that we have made as a society woman can bet, win money, and have fun with this kind of entertainment as well.

Image courtesy of Pexels

Image courtesy of Pexels

Studies carried out in the last year’s show that the number of women playing online games with real money is constantly growing and, so far, it has reached a percentage of approximately 31.7%.

The biggest group of women who enjoy the adrenaline of these games are in the age range of 36 and 45 years old, while the group of women who follow is between 24 and 36 years old. Also, this research has revealed that the games where the greatest number of players is concentrated are roulette, slots, bingo, and blackjack.

We will expose the reason for these choices.


Since roulette has quite simple rules it has become the most iconic online casino game and one of the favorites in the female gender. You can play all the existing types such as Low Stakes European Roulette, Live Roulette, American roulette, European roulette, French roulette, and 3D Roulette.

This type of gambling is quite popular because you can play without betting a large amount of money, thus giving the advantage to women to learn how to play it quickly before betting big.

In addition, it is the most chosen way to distend after a hard day’s work as it does not require too much concentration, and everyone can enjoy the experience of playing in a real casino but from the comfort of their home.

Still, when playing online the adrenaline and emotions can feel just as a land casino. If you are a lover of playing roulette, we can assure you that playing digitally can be exciting. The technology has benefited the players giving them realistic graphics, live streaming, sound effects and many other characteristics that make this experience unique, therefore, we recommend joining this award winning casino operator where you can play all online roulette games such as American, European or French as well as exciting live roulette with real dealers.


Historically slots have been women’s favorite for gambling, and the evolution of this success was made possible by the advancement of technology. The digital environment still maintains the traditional designs of this type of slot machine but adds an extra charm thanks to the innovative graphics and sounds resulting in a simple, but exciting game, that can be enjoyed from anywhere and at any hour of the day.

The 41% of active players at online casino platforms prefer slot against 59% of players. The main glamor of this game is that no requires no skill to play, besides, it is a good way to relax and forget about family or work problems.

Women prefer this because it connects two interesting worlds for them, it merges cinema or music with gambling. In today’s market, there are countless slots about movies, series, and bands resulting in guaranteed entertainment. According to Oregon behavioral researchers, slots are more popular among women than men.


In the United Kingdom, bingo is one of the oldest and most popular forms of betting. Only on the online platforms are around 3.5 million bingo players and this number continues to grow daily.

Also, more than 80% of worldwide players are women, because of these numbers the online gaming industry began to develop online bingos with feminine colors and targeted specifically for players of this gender.

This female-dominated game offers a light and sociable atmosphere, quite different from other casino games. It also gives women the chance to enjoy a night out to interact with new people, hang out with friends and forget about work stress or other responsibilities.

Bingo does not require specific practices or skills as it is a 100% random game, this simpleness means that this game can be played at parties, foundations, houses, residences, and many more locations.

The biggest attraction for women about this game is its social aspect, and for this reason alone, the online casino operators are playing the fun and pleasant atmosphere that there is in the bingo halls and adding chat rooms, so this unique feature does not miss.


This card game that began in the 19th century has always been associated with the world of men, as it was associated with criminals, mafias, and clandestine places. Today this situation differs a lot from back then, but we must admit that for a long time at the poker tables only men were seen sitting.

Thanks to the internet boom, the picture has evolved and was placed into people’s homes to captivate both men and women. In addition, if we take this to a professional level, it is quite common to find women sitting at the tables of the most important poker tournaments. Women who have struggled to fit in a man's world, but they managed to do so and to rise to the top slot.

With the advent of online poker, many women were extremely excited as this allows them to compete with any other player behind a screen, this possibility opened the door to a territory that was previously very hostile to women. Fortunately, that is all in the past, and women feel amazingly comfortable playing this game and really enjoy the strategic component there is to it.

Women enjoy this game so much because of the incredible combination of skill, strategic thinking, and just the right amount of luck. Fortunately, ladies run with advantage as they handle stress better and have a better memory than men, two qualities quite useful for this type of gambling.

According to studies, women prefer to play games that make them relax but without losing the pinch of adrenaline. In addition, women are more responsible as they usually prepare in advance for the game searching for information or some advice for beginners. Once again, women show that they are a key factor that strongly impacts the online gaming sector and that they are increasingly conquering territories historically and traditionally reserved for men.