Sometimes, you just need to sit back, relax, and reboot for a little while, otherwise, you’ll get overworked and overstressed – at which point you won’t be of much use to anyone, let alone yourself.

The modern way to unwind and get your head straight is through gaming. It used to be somewhat of a taboo pastime, but it’s gone mainstream now, with mobile, laptops, and portable consoles democratising the space. Best of all, if you’re new to any gaming scene, there is a huge range of what are now top-class games that you can enjoy completely free of charge.

The Switch is the best console for free gaming

The Nintendo Switch might just be the best games console on the market, especially when it comes to the plethora of zero-cost games and demos of major releases on offer. Among the free games, the likes of Growtopia, Tetris 99, Fortnite, Warframe, Brawlhalla Pac-Man Vs, and Pokémon Quest stand out, but Super Kirby Clash might just be the best of the bunch.

For starters, Kirby might just be the most adorable character on Nintendo’s roster, but in Super Kirby Clash, you command a team of four of them, battling equally-cute but powerful bosses. You get to build your team, upgrade and customise the Kirbys, and lead them on an adventure to restore peace to the kingdom.

Playing the best games on the internet just became free

With hundreds of games available to laptop, desktop, mobile, and tablet users – which is just about everyone – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online casino gaming platforms have become so popular. What will probably come as a surprise, though, is that you can play the best games at each site completely free of charge – there’s not even a need to make a deposit.

Due to people wanting to play games before they pay into the platforms, brands now offer no-deposit free spins casino bonuses. To maximise the appeal of these offers, sites tie them to their biggest and best game, such as 15 spins on the world-famous Starburst or 150 spins on Fire Joker. By exploring the no-deposit free spins offers, anyone could find hours of rewarding fun completely free.

Of course, mobile gaming is awash with free games

Not only is mobile gaming incredibly accessible to the greater public due to the platform, but the vast majority of mobile games are free-to-play. Now, there is often a catch that gaming and progression are locked behind timewalls and paywalls, but there are a few free mobile gaming gems out there to be enjoyed.

Classic games like Tetris and Scrabble have free versions for mobile, with Disc Driven’ 2, Time Locker, Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer, and Dropwords 2 being popular and original mobile titles. The most famous of them all, which has just been made much easier to play is that of Pokémon Go. The game was all about walking around to catch Pokémon, but new changes to the mechanics have made it playable for people who are sitting at home. Now, anyone can be a Pokémon master from the comfort of their own home.

If you find yourself cooped up at home but in need of a relaxing activity to get yourself back to your best, turn to any of the devices that you have in your home to enjoy these top-class games for free.

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