Ryan Reynolds became "literate in the gaming world" before shooting 'Free Guy'.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

The Hollywood actor stars in the new sci-fi action-comedy movie - which takes place in an open-world video game - and Ryan admits that it was partially inspired by some real-life games.

He explained: "I think people will recognise elements of 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Fornite' and a lot of games that ... use formats not too dissimilar to this."

Asked whether he prepared for the film by becoming more familiar with video games culture, Ryan told the BBC: "Yes and no. I mean, I became as familiar as I possibly could with the subject matter. In addition to Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, I did a draft of the script, as well as Shawn Levy. So for the writing part, for sure, you just had to be literate in the gaming world.

"But I would do it enough just to get to know it.

"But I also recognise the ... kind of slippery slope because it's so much fun that you can really just ... I could easily see myself just blowing off walking the kids to school and jumping into some 'Fortnite'. So I had to walk that fine line."

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