Historically, gambling has been seen as a typically male pursuit. However, in recent years, the advent of online casinos has attracted huge numbers of women to the table – be that the blackjack table, the roulette wheel, or online slots. While men and women undoubtedly have different preferences and habits when it comes to gambling, there are more women than ever before enjoying real-money games as a source of entertainment.

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral

Women are gaining traction at the highest levels, such as the proliferation of successful female poker players challenging and defeating the men for the top places. Even outside professional gamblers, women are increasingly likely to indulge in online casino games. Female participation in online gaming in general has almost reached the level of male participation – for example, around 46% of all people in the United States who play online games are women and 42% of UK gamers are female.

Male and female gamers have differences in preferences and playing styles and are able to choose from multiple online casinos the one that best suits their needs, based on multiple factors.

Social Gaming

One of the key differences between women and men when it comes to gambling is that women tend to view it as a social activity. The games that most women gravitate towards have some sort of social aspect to them or facilitate playing with or alongside friends. Slots are especially popular with female players, and one of the reasons for this is that they do not require too much concentration. This allows players to chat with friends while playing, without worrying that any distractions will affect their game.

Strategy games which require higher levels of focus are still popular among many women, particularly those that want to take their gaming to a higher level, but generally speaking, women are more likely to opt for games that require less concentration and a shorter time commitment, so they can socialise while playing. Women are less concerned with displaying proficiency at the games to their counterparts than men, and therefore more attracted to games of chance that have visual stimuli.

Pay-outs Vs. Odds

The types of casino game that attract the largest female audience tend to be those that offer the potential for larger pay-outs, such as slots and bingo. While the chances of winning big may be low, the potential for earning a huge prize for a small stake stokes the excitement in female players. Men tend to gravitate towards those games that offer the lowest house edge, where they can demonstrate their skills and beat the dealer or other players. Men often see playing casino games as an opportunity to show their friends how proficient they are or demonstrate an in-depth understanding of complex rules. Perhaps, for this reason, men are more likely than women to display signs of aggression when they do not win, whereas women who lose money gambling are more likely to feel sad than angry.


The differences between male and female gamblers as outlined above are generalisations – the rise in prominent female poker players stands testament to the fact that many women do prefer games of strategy and skill that take time to master. Similarly, the roulette wheel always attracts an almost equal number of male and female participants, despite being a game of pure chance. The selection of an online casino is therefore a very personal choice, with each individual player having unique requirements. In order to make the right choice, looking at casino comparison sites is a good option, as they provide crucial information on the games on offer and sign up bonuses.

Reading online reviews can also help players of all styles find the casino that offers the best selection of their favourite games. Usability and functionality are important factors when selecting where to play online – reviews can help players find the sites that are easiest to access and navigate. Each player will have their own goals and objectives when playing casino games online – some will be looking for the sites that offer the lowest house edge while others prefer the thrill of playing for huge prizes, even if their chance of winning those prizes is small. Some will be looking for specific games, while others prefer to have a broad selection to switch between.

Besides the practical factors, some players also have in consideration data privacy, online security and player protection, for instance.

As the number of female gamblers starts to almost equal the number of male gamblers, online casinos are fast becoming a popular, gender-neutral source of entertainment for adults everywhere.