The Xbox has been around since 2001, with the classic console being release in November of that year. Last year (2020) saw the newest console in the family release; the Xbox Series S/X are more powerful and intensely popular, and the choice between a digital or regular console saw gamers rush to pick out their new Xbox.

With digital downloads, users can purchase games online without having to present an ID. This can sometimes lead kids to buy items that their parents might disapprove of, or spend a little too much money on in-game things, such as apparel or game enhancers.

However, with the Xbox Family Settings app, parents can better manage what their child can spend, and what they spend it on.

The app released last year and, while it was a success, parents still felt like there were some improvements to be made. In response to users of the app, Xbox revealed yesterday (July 13th, 2021) that the app has been updated and now has even more ways to manage your child’s gaming habits.

You can get the app free on IOS and Android, which empowers parents to create accounts for their children, update screen time limits, respond to notifications, manage who their children can play and communicate with and much more – all from their phone.

The company stated that one of the top pieces of feedback they received was in regard to spending. Some parents wanted a way to give their children money to spend on Xbox for getting good grades, others were worried their child may spend too much money.

Xbox responded with new features that will help to manage what their child spends. One feature allows parents to set spending limits through the app; you can add money to your child’s account directly from the app, letting parents set a specific spending amount.

This can be the perfect way to reward your children for completing daily tasks or doing well in school, as they can use the money to buy (approved) games and in-game items.

The ‘ask to buy’ feature is a new and great way to see what games your kids want to buy, allowing you to decide whether or not they can play that game. It also lets you know if your child cannot afford the game, in which case you can decide to bump up their funds, or simply deny the request.

Parents can also set time limits for how long their child plays on certain days, and can either accept or deny requests for more screen time.

Not only can parents keep track of their child’s spending to check on their recent purchase, but they can also set content restrictions; if a child wants to purchase a game with a 15 rating, they won’t be allowed if the age rating has been set any lower. This is a brilliant way to make sure your kids are playing age-appropriate games.

Multiplayer access is also an area being monitored; you can choose whether or not to let your child play online with other users, while keeping an eye on who they’re playing with.

The Xbox Family Settings app is free to download on Apple or Android, and is a great way to keep your child safe while they enjoy the many games available.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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