'FIFA 17' has a new storyline mode called The Journey.

FIFA 17 The Journey Mode

FIFA 17 The Journey Mode

EA Sports has announced that the latest addition to the football franchise is to come with the single player mode which will see players guide new signing Alex Hunter through his career starting with the club of your choice.

As well as controlling Hunter on the pitch, between matches gamers will watch scenes from Hunter's life as he battles to become a regular in the first team alongside his friend and rival Gareth Walker.

As well as ensuring Hunter does his job on the pitch, players must choose what sort of player and person they want Hunter to be, such as an arrogant striker or a hard-working squad member and these choices will directly affect the story and what happens in his career.

Actions on the pitch will also effect the story, a red card will result in the manager calling you into his office to be disciplined, while a last-minute winning goal will result in you giving a high-profile post-match interview.

As you control Hunter, you will earn Trait Points which are used to improve his stats in 15 areas including shooting, passing and dribbling.

'FIFA 17' producer Aaron McHardy has revealed the team made the decision to create The Journey after speaking with fans about what they wanted added to the game.

Once it was decided that they'd be using the Frostbite game engine - developed by EA Dice for first-person shooters - they knew they could successfully create the mode.

He said: "There were a couple of things that inspired us to make The Journey. We knew we needed a new mode in the game and we've been looking at that for some time. But the start of that conversation was actually some years ago. We'd done some research with our fans and what they were telling us was that a single player narrative-driven, cinematic-style mode is something they've been wanting, so we knew it was something that we wanted to create."

McHardy also revealed the decision was made to create a specific player for The Journey and not leave it as a customisable option so the game could embody the experience of modern young players such as Manchester United's Marcus Rashford and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli, both of whom they spoke to for research.

He explained: "We looked at the world of football and we looked at the makeup of the leagues and the young players that were coming up. We picked a character that we think is representative of that.

"Hunter is mixed race, from a less-affluent background and he's obviously got a lot of passion for the sport ... He's not your average video game frontman and it's certainly a good thing. But it's also a representation of the diversity of football as a sport.

"I think we're fortunate enough this year to talk about Dele Alli and Marcus Rashford and these other young guys that are coming out who are basically living what we were trying to capture with The Journey. They're all living that [journey] this season.

"When you look at Rashford in the late part of the season scoring two goals on his debut, being called up for England - that's the embodiment of what we're talking about with Alex Hunter and what he's about to embark upon with his journey. Hopefully you're able to take him through and realise that in your own way."