'Cyberpunk 2077' developer CD Projekt Red makes sure to have a socially and politically diverse team.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Executive Adam Kicinski has opened up about the makeup of the team behind the upcoming game, and he insisted there should always be "mutual respect and tolerance".

In a Polish interview shared on the CDPR website, he said: "Our team comprises all sorts of people, leaning left or right on legal, economic, and worldview issues - not to mention several dozen nationalities, multiple ethnic groups and many LGBT individuals.

"We pride ourselves on our diversity, but we also realise that efficient operation requires active measures promoting mutual respect and tolerance."

Meanwhile, Adam Badowski - another executive at CD Projekt Red - insisted the company needs to embrace diversity and inclusion for the benefit of its products.

He added that when people feel comfortable being themselves, they will be more open with their ideas.

He explained: "In an environment where you can simply be yourself it becomes easier to have frank discussions, share ideas, and express opinions - and that provides a starting point for many interesting activities.

"When a revolution in RPGs takes place, it is because a team of bold women and men has had the audacity to express its ideas."