Nothing says summer like the first of the crop of seasonal new potatoes from Cornwall, and this year we have one of Cornwall's finest exports on hand to show you how to make the best of these delicious potatoes.

With butter!

With butter!

Cornish chef and son of Rick, Jack Stein has created six exclusive recipes for Branston, showcasing these sensational spuds.

Fantastically versatile, with a soft, fluffy skin and delicate, creamy texture, Cornish Seasonal New potatoes make the ideal addition to a wide range of dishes.

Jack's recipes include roasted Cornish Seasonal New potatoes with smoked Cornish sea salt, Cornish Seasonal New potato salad with beetroot and goats' cheese, and rack of Cornish lamb with crushed Cornish Seasonal New potatoes.

Seasonal New potatoes grown and harvested in Cornwall are brought to you by Branston; one of the UK's largest potato suppliers. They are the first of the new season mainland UK crop and for many signify the start of British summertime.

They are available at Tesco stores in Cornwall and the South West from early June and nationwide from mid-July.

For inspiring ideas to make the best of these great Cornish New Season potatoes, see our delicious recipes at

But before you begin- here are some tip tips when using Cornigh potatoes in your dish.

1. Cornish potatoes are at their absolute best during the summer season, June through to the end of August.

2. BBQ season is upon us so try threading your Cornish seasonal new potatoes onto skewers and grilling them - delicious!

3. Store your potatoes somewhere cool, dark and well ventilated - they're best eaten within a few days of purchasing.

4. Boil your potatoes from cold water to get the best flavour.

5. Add a sprig of mint to your cooking water to give a subtle flavour to the potatoes.

6. Cornish seasonal new potatoes are best paired with simple, fresh ingredients - herbs, asparagus and soft cheeses all work really well.

7. For the simplest side dish, just toss your Cornish seasonal potatoes with a little butter.

8. Make your salad more substantial by adding some warm Cornish seasonal new potatoes.

9. Don't peel Cornish seasonal new potatoes - a quick rinse to remove any dirt is all the preparation they need!

10. Add dressing to your potatoes as soon as they are cooked to help them absorb the flavour better.

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