The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is proud to release The Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic, an independent guide to more than 100 Czech breweries, 450 different beers, and over 100 great places to try them, allowing travellers to embrace the Czech drinking experience.

The Czech Republic has been called the world's greatest beer-drinking nation, consuming over 281 pints per capita each year. With listings and ratings for virtually every Czech beers, The Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic lets readers "go native," escape the crowds and discover some truly remarkable beers, many of which are unknown outside their homelands.

The Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic tells readers how to:

Ø Take a full-body beer bath at the family-owned Chodovar brewery.

Ø Enjoy a free, open-air rock concert at the Pelhrimov brewery.

Ø Taste 30 independent Czech beers at a locals-only beer festival in Olomouc.

Ø Stay in a medieval brewery-hotel in the hilltop citadel town of Stramberk.

Ø Drink the country's strongest beer, X-33, with 12.6% alcohol and the taste of a fine Sauternes.

Ø Mix with the locals in a tram-theme pub inside a tram yard, hidden away from the crowds in a quiet corner of Prague.

Ø Shop for more than 200 bottles of Czech beer at one of Prague's specialty beer shops.

Ø Discover the difference between unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell (only available in the Czech Republic) and the exported version.

Author Evan Rail moved to Prague in 2000 for what was supposed to be a single year, but having discovered the wonders of Czech beers, he decided to stay. He has devoted six years to tracking down the best beers throughout the ancient kingdoms of Bohemia and Moravia, the two halves that make up today’s Czech Republic.

Evan Rail said: "It may sound strange to talk about drinking beer as a life-changing experience. But these Czech beers are unlike anything I've ever tasted: richly malty, highly aromatic and incredibly hoppy. Most of them are completely unknown outside the country. It really is one of the world's greatest beer-drinking secrets."

“Millions of travellers have already been enchanted by Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This book is for those who want to discover arguably the world's greatest beers in the world's greatest beer drinking nation.”

The Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic is available from CAMRA and all good bookshops, priced £12.99. Visit to order a copy today.

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