Cadbury Crispello

Cadbury Crispello

Celebrating the nation’s love of chocolate and the first chocolate countline brand launch since the nineties, Cadbury introduces an exciting new brand – Cadbury Crispello.

This delicious treat comprises three curved crispy wafer shells, each one filled with a smooth creamy centre, dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate. A sweet treat that is totally justified.

Toby Smart, Brand Manager at Kraft Foods, commented: “We are really excited to be launching Cadbury Crispello. It is a new way for consumers to enjoy the nation’s favourite Cadbury milk chocolate, offering a delicious treat that can be enjoyed every day.”

This little treat is great for putting in a loved one’s stocking or even as a little treat to brighten their day, and yours!

Cadbury Crispello has an RRP of 50p for a three piece bar and is available in all major retailers and independent stores.

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