Pet videos have been going viral for years on the internet. The recent boom of TikTok has turned some cats, dogs and exotic animals into internet sensations that are making serious money off their viral videos.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

To find out which pets are the most popular and who can make the most from brand deals, BuzzBingo has analysed the top 40 animal accounts on TikTok to reveal the 2021 Pet TikTok Richlist.

With 21.9M followers and over 297M likes, Tiger King star Kody Antle’s tiger is TikTok’s top earning pet, at £50,642.87 per post.

In second place is Pomeranian Jiff Pom, who can expect £48,561.66 per post at 21M followers. Floofnoodles the ferret comes third, with 13.1M followers and an expected rate of £30,293.23 per post.

Top 10 Pet Influencers 

Kody Antle, 21.9M followers, 297.2M likes, £50,642.87 cost per post 

Jiff Pom, 21M followers, 517.7M likes, £48,561.66 cost per post 

Floofnoodles, 13.1M followers, 42.9M likes, £30,293.23, cost per post

Stryker The Cat, 7.9M followers, 100.5M likes, £18,268.43 cost per post 


Is The Chicken Crunchier On The Other Side? ##Stryker ##StrykerTheCat ##Cats ##CatsOfTikTok

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tuckerbudzyn, 7.7M followers, 133.2M likes, £17,805.94, cost per post 

I am Bunny, 5.8M followers, 116.2M likes, £13,412.27, cost per post 

Swaggy Wolfdog, 5.7M followers, 96.6M likes, £13,181.02 cost per post 


Let’s be friends I have 0 friends 😢 hopefully I have more friends after this video

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Doug The Pug, 5.7M followers, 86.9M likes, £13,181.02 cost per post 


How We Made a Business with Doug The Pug - Part ONE 🐾 ##dougthepug ##storytime ##petsontiktok ##fyp

♬ original sound - Doug The Pug

Moksha, 5.6M followers, 95.5M likes, £12,949.78 cost per post 

Huxley the Panda Puppy, 5.5M followers, 80M likes, £12,718.53 cost per post 

Just to put that into perspective, the average salary in the UK is £38,600, which means the average Joe would have to work for 1 year & 4 months to earn the same as what Kody Antle earns in ONE post (1 MINUTE)!

BuzzBingo have also found which are the most popular pets in the world, based on total likes earned to date.

Jiffpom- 517.7M likes 

Kody Antle- 297.2M likes 

Kareem & Fifi- 143.5M likes 

Tuckerbudzyn- 133.2M likes 

I am Bunny- 116.2M likes

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