Today is National Chocolate Day- a day for all things sweet and sickly. If you want to celebrate this momentous occasion but don’t know how- here are some of our top suggestions…

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Go out for a hot chocolate: You could head out for a hot chocolate at lunch time with your work bestie or grab your partner and kids when you get home and march them all to your nearest coffee shop for a cup of their best liquid chocolate.

Make something chocolaty at home: Chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies or break out the moulds and get creative with some Halloween themed chocolates to hand out to trick or treaters. Whatever your favourite chocolate delight is- get messy and make it.

Book in for a chocolate workshop: Why not find a place in your local area that offers a chocolate workshop and arrange for yourself and someone special to go in the near future? It’s something to look forward to and in the meantime, you can eat a bar of chocolate to prepare you for the big day!

Take a trip to your nearest chocolate shop: If you are lucky enough to live near an independent chocolate shop- when you can spare five minutes- pop along and browse the shelves. You might find a stocking filler for someone you buy for at Christmastime, a box that would make the ideal gift for the chocoholic in your life, or you might find a cheeky treat for yourself!

Try something new: Chocolate companies are always launching new bars so why not exit your comfort zone and try a new brand or flavour? You never know- it could become your new favourite!

Visit someone you haven’t for a while: And take a share size bar of chocolate with you. There is nothing better than opening your door to a good friend with sugar! You can share a square while catching up on all the gossip.

Pop out for dessert: To your favourite restaurant after your dinner and indulge in their famous chocolate pudding that you know hits the spot every time!

Happy National Chocolate Day everyone!

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