Everyone enjoys discount coupons. Imagine you want to book a honeymoon package, but the place you want to go to is expensive. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you found a coupon code that slashes the entire trip’s price to half? Or maybe you want to enjoy a relaxing day at a spa, but the rates are too high. A referral discount code cuts down the price significantly, allowing you to enjoy your day without spending too much. All this is possible, thanks to Virgin Experience Days. They have discounted deals for almost anything you can think of.

Where to find them

Virgin Experience Days has a variety of offers that you can enjoy throughout the year. From spa days to fine dining, you can select from their wide range of discount coupons, depending on the deal that suits your purpose the most. But where will you find these discount codes? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Facebook

Virgin Experience Days often shares amazing gifts in the form of discount codes on their official Facebook page. Make sure you follow their page to stay updated about all the recent offers and promotional codes. You may come across announcements like “40% off on tour inside the Manchester United Stadium.” The announcement will have a link that redirects the user to the discount page. You can copy the code and use it at the payment gateway while checking out.

2. Searching on Google

Another effective way to get a Virgin Experience discount code is to look for it on Google. There are handpicked websites that get some secret discount codes from Virgin Experience and share them with their users.

For example, if you input the keyword “virgin experience days discount code” on Google’s search bar and click on the first result with the title Virgin Experience Days discount code, you’ll find out about the available exclusive discount codes to use.

3. Newsletter subscription

A request to subscribe to the Virgin Experience Days newsletter pops up as soon as you open their website. This is one of the best ways to enjoy discounts on various gifts. You can get Virgin Experience Days discount codes right in your email inbox once you hit the subscribe button. In fact, these coupons can be personalised, depending on what you are searching on the website.

For example, if you were surfing through spa-related or food-related offers, your discount emails will contain coupon codes relating to these categories. Of course, you will get generic promotional codes that everyone else gets as a part of Virgin Experience Days’ thank-you gesture. But personalised coupon codes depend on what you want from the site.

4. The website

Virgin Experience Days, in general, provides a variety of discounted deals on their website. It is the best place to find unique gifts at a price that you can’t even imagine. Whether you want to pamper yourself or search for gifts for your partner, Virgin Experience Days will not disappoint you. You can go through the gift categories to find the best deal within your budget.

Using discount codes

To cut off the price of the experience you want to purchase with a discount code, you simply need to go to the checkout page and scroll down until you find the Payment section. Before choosing your preferred payment method, you'll find the option to "add a gift card" or "add a discount code". Click on the latter and write or paste in the code in the dedicated box, then click "apply". You'll see the price reduction immediately reflected on the total of your order. If you want to take advantage of a friend referral code instead, click on "Been referred by a friend?" under the discount code box and enter their name on the pop up that will appear. That’s all!

Virgin Experience Days is a boon for everyone who wants to enjoy discounted deals. It has more than 2000 offers that you can make the most of every time you want to surprise someone with a unique gift.