Let me be completely honest: I'm not the most active person in the world! Recently however, I've been upping my levels of exercise and putting to use the running machine that's previously been sat unused at home. One thing I've been searching for lately however, is the perfect pair of running shoes to pair with my workout. So, when I was given the opportunity to check out two of PUMA's latest releases - the PUMA HYBRID Fuego and PUMA HYBRID Astro - I jumped at the opportunity...


Every workout or gym session should take place following a warmup, and the HYBRID Fuego shoes are designed for those pre-performance moments. Heel-to-toe cushioning is built in to ensure comfort, with the sleek design aiming to return energy upon impact; but do they work?

After a week of trialling the shoes, I can honestly say that they are perfect for early cardio, ahead of turning up a gear and going hard.

As far as looks go, these are certainly my favourite style of shoes in the HYBRID collection, and they're available in a number of different colours, allowing the fashion-conscious among us to pair the kicks with their preferred workout gear.


If you're a fan of a HIIT session, then the HYBRID Astro could make the ideal partnership for your feet to ensure they're being looked after whilst you enjoy an intense and tasking workout.

Designed by experts who had high gear training in mind, the Astro shoes combine HYBRID FOAM, PROFOAM and NETFIT to deliver footwear that delivers a smooth and enjoyable time in the gym, or out in the wild, pounding the pavements with a hearty sprint.

Heel-to-toe cushioning and energy return upon impact, as well as built-in flex grooves at the heel bring a level of professionalism to any workout experience. PUMA aren't just all talk in promising this and more; they really have created something special here.

One of my main problems when working out in the past has been the lack of support for my ankles, so I've stuck to low-energy routines rather than ever stepping it up. The HYBRID Astro have allowed me to get to that next level, and really experiment with the way I exercise.

Also available: PUMA HYBRID Sky

PUMA say that their HYBRID Sky shoes "aren't made for people who casually walk the line." HYBRID FOAM technology combines with lightweight PROFOAM, allowing those who pick up a pair to "take it as close to the limit as you want."

Available for both women and men, HYBRID Fuego, HYBRID Astro, and HYBRID Sky are available globally now at PUMA.com and selected retailers worldwide.

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