When I was asked to showcase my Podcast of the Year on Female First- in my mind there was no contest- there is a clear winner for me this year and it goes by the name of Happy Place.

Female First Awards 2019: Podcast of the Year

Female First Awards 2019: Podcast of the Year

Hosted by Fearne Cotton, Happy Place delves into the lives of famous and non- famous people to find out how they reach their happy place or sweet spot in life. Something that brings them a sense of calm, relaxation, reflection, contemplation and a means of resetting their mind and body.

The podcast has hosted some big names like Ellie Goulding, Jada Pinkett Smith, Katie Piper and Reggie Yates, however the most humbling thing about it is that everyone has a tale of trouble- regardless of fame, fortune or beauty. No one is exempt from pain and the podcast is testament of this.

Fearne is very open about the struggles and sufferings she’s experienced throughout her life which sets the tone for the podcast. I can think of no one better to host such an honest look at the coping mechanisms used by those who have also endured hard times.

She demonstrates genuine empathy and kindness towards her guests and so they feel comfortable enough to open up about a whole host of issues, thoughts and experiences.

I play Happy Place in the background while I work as I find it a calming influence on my day. I work from home, so Fearne and her guest are always good company.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I strongly urge that you do. It’s perfect for commuting, to pop on while you are pottering about at home and while working if you need some words of wisdom while you’re at your desk.

Listening to the podcast is like overhearing a conversation between two good friends in a café. You feel instantly at ease when you press play because this podcast proves whatever you do in life, we are all just trying to muddle though as best we can.

Thank you to Fearne and all her guests for being so generous with sharing what’s going on inside. It will surely encourage others to do the same and the more we talk about our difficulties- the world will be a much happier place. 

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