With every day that goes by and every news headline that spouts anger at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it becomes clearer exactly why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to uproot their blossoming family, leaving the UK behind and attempting to start afresh in Montecito, California.

In a bid for privacy and press on their own terms, they have given up their official Royal Family working duties, which led to Queen Elizabeth II having to decide whether or not they should be stripped of their official titles. Though many reported she had done so on February 19th, 2021, conflicting reports suggest they will still be called His and Her Royal Highness; they simply won’t be able to use those titles in their day-to-day life.

Next month (March 7th, 2021), an interview between the married couple and iconic American chat show host Oprah Winfrey will broadcast, leading to further criticism from those who think that wanting a private life on your own terms, in fact means that you never want to speak to another person in the spotlight ever again.

Writing for the Express, Judy Finnigan has joined in on the toxic messaging surrounding Harry and Meghan’s actions.

She said: "The couple who left the UK because they wanted privacy will talk, but only on their terms. They will talk, but not to us. 

“Not to the British public who loved Harry, worried about him, were thrilled when he married Meghan, so chuffed when he had his little son. He has totally rejected us.”

Clearly unaware of the irony in her next comments, she made the following statement: "Harry's California antics reduce royalty to ridicule. It makes us realise he's just a silly, spoiled Prince who thinks he can have it all.”

Who’s the spoiled one, again? Harry who wants to live life in the manner he chooses with his wife, son and incoming child, or the woman writing for a national news outlet about how much she wants to stomp her feet over the whole incident?

All of this, following the announcement that the happy couple are now expecting their second child. Following in the tiny footsteps of Archie, who will turn two on May 6th, 2021, there has been no official reveal of how far gone Meghan is. If they're following the same schedule of releasing information as they did with Archie, she may well give birth in September.

Do those attacking Meghan now realise that they may be having an adverse effect on her health as a pregnant woman? Probably. Do they care? Apparently not.

Despite opening up about having a miscarriage in November of 2020, she is still the constant focus of vicious and spiteful hatred, spat from the most vitriolic supposed ‘journalists’ in the business.

To consistently go up against that and continue to wear a smile must be exhausting. She and Harry deserve so, so much better.

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