There are so many elements of Halloween that are synonymous with hygge, so if you want a cosy and comfortable 31st October here are the ways you can hygge it! 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Candles: There is an abundance of Halloween themed candles on sale right now, whether you are looking for a more decorative option such as one shaped like a pumpkin or just for the scent, there are dozens to choose from. As one of the cornerstones of hygge is lighting, candles are the perfect choice to bring some atmosphere into the home this Halloween. Or keep it simple and carve a pumpkin, pop a tea light inside as a DIY option. 

Blanket and a movie: To introduce some hygge vibes into your entertainment, there is nothing that embodies this more than snuggling up under a blanket and watching a scary movie. This can be done alone, but given the nature of your viewing choice, you may want some company. 

Bake: Halloween is famous for its pumpkin pie, so why not turn your hand to this if you’ve never tried it before? Or you could bake some cookies in Halloween shapes and decorate them with icing and sprinkles. Then sit back and enjoy your scary treats. 

Enjoy a spiced pumpkin latte: Why not get all the ingredients in to make your own? Nothing says Halloween like this drink and nothing screams hygge more than sitting down to enjoy every last sip. 

Bring the outside in: One hygge way to decorate your home is with natural materials so if you go for an autumn walk- bring back some items you find on the forest floor to place about your home or gather together for a Halloween centrepiece. And if you have the budget for a pumpkin, this will make the perfect addition to your other finds. 

Read a scary story: As with movies, you won’t have to look far before finding a scary story or to read on All Hallow’s Eve. Perhaps you already have one that you’ve set aside for such an occasion, in which case, grab your trusty blanket, curl up in bed or in a reading nook and give yourself a hygge fright.  

Write about Halloweens past, present and future: Pull out your diary or journal and write about the Halloweens you enjoyed as a child and the memories you have of them, describe how you have celebrated this one and write down anything you have in mind for next October. It’s very hygge to write down thoughts and feelings so enjoy the journey of Halloweens throughout your life. 

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