Summer is coming. So you may wonder: "How do I get a summer body fast with minimum efforts put in the gym?" Well, to surprise you – it’s possible to get fit in 6–8 weeks! Want to know more?



Let’s get started with these 5 simple steps:

1. Get Into the Right Mindset

With the change of seasons, your body needs to recharge from the long winter break inside your home. Hence including new habits may make you feel better in your own skin.

An easy way to get your summer body fast is by being more physically active outside. Put your body in shape and enter with great motivation at this exciting time of the year!

Another enjoyable habit to include in your routine is reducing stress and balancing your mind while practicing meditation.

As you may guess, every new habit takes time to build and become a constant part of your routine. But the sooner you start, the faster you will see the results.

With Beyond Body, your personalized wellness book, you can get into that mindset fast. Complete a free personalized quiz and learn the secrets of experts and all the key elements that will help you get in rhythm faster.

The next step?

2. Prep and Plan Your Meals

You may have heard of meal prepping before, but if you haven’t, then I bet it's likely you've seen overflowing food shopping carts in supermarkets on Sunday.

So let me tell you a little more about planning your meals in advance.

Meal prep is an easy way to prepare your food for a whole week ahead and enjoy homemade food forever (at least until you run out of products). By following your meal plan, you can easily stick to healthy food and get your summer body sooner!

The benefits of preparing your food in advance for the week or even having store boxes with chopped vegetables will save you a lot of time, which during the summer you can spend outside instead of cooking in the kitchen.

Moreover, having prepared meals in your fridge will reduce the temptation to order takeaway or buy some chocolate dessert from the vending machine in the office.

So plan your meals in advance and stick to them for faster results. If you feel like you have no idea where to start, Beyond Body offers a personalized meal plan for you, crafted to fit even the most specific palate. Take the quiz now and try it by yourself!

3. Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

I have talked about hydration before, and there’s no way to skip it in this article. Let’s аssume you come back home after a long and hot, exhausting day out there.

The first thing you will do?

You will grab a glass of water to satisfy your thirst and cool down your body.

That’s why staying hydrated is important. The constant supply of water to the body allows it not to fall into critical situations, especially during the summer.

Moreover, water is 60% of your weight. Dehydration during hot summer days is quite common, so reducing the risk may also prevent you from having headaches and help in improving the physical performance while getting your body ready for the summer.

An interesting fact to know is that drinking plenty of water may stimulate your metabolism, which will have a positive effect on your body and weight loss progress.

4. Move Naturally

With rising temperatures in summer, the weather is very suitable to spend more time under the sun with your friends and enjoy the gentle summer breeze!

This also gives you a great opportunity to try some new physical activities outside and get your summer body in shape without going to the gym or doing complex and exhausting workouts.

Set it as a goal to move at least 30 minutes a day.

For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, mowing the grass and taking care of your garden (if you have one), playing sport with your friends in the park... Doing home chores also counts!

Or you can enjoy some time with yourself while doing a light stretch to wake your body up.

Being active is healthy, so be sure to move as much as possible to get your summer body ready. If you want to ease into training with a personalized workout plan, the Beyond Body book also has you covered. Take a short quiz and start preparing your healthy summer body!

5. Pick the Least Processed Foods

Stepping in this point, the first thing that may come to your mind is to substitute white bread with whole-grain bread – which is absolutely correct, as the latter can deliver more nutrients to your body.

However, some of the brands use the word “whole” as a marketing trick to sell their products which are not always the healthier option for you! So make sure you read the label to check whether the seeds are at the top of the ingredient list.

But, choosing “whole” is not limiting to bread, rice, or pasta – you can also add whole fruits and veggies to your grocery list.

Now, what do whole fruits and veggies mean?

Whole fruits are not processed and contain a lot more healthy nutrients than others. This allows you to consume much fresher products with a lot more nutritional value! And you can find most fresh produce in any local farmer’s market, which will guarantee you know the food source.

Adding fruits and vegetables to your meals will bring the freshness and lightness of the season to any dish. Plus, you will enrich your body with so many important minerals, vitamins, and fiber that will help you get your summer body weight sustainably and easily.

To enjoy the variety of products, you can apply an easy method when you shop – choose as many fruits and veggies of different colors as possible.


That’s all for today!

Super easy steps to get your summer body ready on time while feeling good in your skin.

Build a mindset that will help you stick to healthy habits and help you progress.

The change starts from the inside and is displayed outside. Therefore, if you want to achieve fast results with minimal effort, you should focus on the food that works best for your body.

To find out which foods to focus on during the summer season – you can fill out this free quiz that will help you build healthy habits with the assistance of nutrition experts.

3 minutes for a test – all summer for the dream body!

Don’t forget: the change comes from inside so take care of yourself.

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