The rise of CBD products has been an incredible thing to witness. One company who have gone above and beyond in their pursuit of delivering the absolute best however, is Body and Mind Botanicals. We sat down with Marketing and PR Director Emma Bright to chat all about the company, why people can trust Body and Mind, and much more! Read on to find out what she had to say...

Can you tell us a little bit about the company, your partnership and where the idea first came from for Body and Mind Botanicals?

Michael Fitzgerald, my partner took an interest in CBD when keeping up to date on treatments for MS (something my dad had suffered with his whole life). He then came across CBD oil and tried it for himself. At this point he was suffering with anxiety and not being able to sleep more than four hours a night. When Michael had been taking the oil, each time he bought one there was never consistency in the product. It was then after he had done his research, Martin Kaprockyj his business partner helped bring Body and Mind Botanicals to life.

Myself and Iryna (Martin’s wife) went from supporting them from home to having our roles officially in the business.

The four of us work together in partnership to grow Body and Mind Botanicals. 

The products are completely unprocessed, meaning the whole cannabis plant is utilised. Why was it important to you to make this happen?

This is something very important to us and has been from the start. We always want to keep the products we sell as natural as possible. Our tea is very unique and one of the reasons is because we use the whole plant. We believe that all of the compounds in the plant have a role to play.

What are the health benefits of enjoying Body and Mind Botanicals?

Our products have been shown to help with stress, anxiety, sleep, pain and low mood.

Which of the three products in the range is your personal favourite?

My personal favourite is the Peppermint Tea and our Mint Chocolate Buttons.

CBD has been growing in popularity in the past few months and years; why do you think that is?

CBD is growing because people are starting to understand what it is and what it can do. People are starting to understand that CBD isn’t going to get you high and it is actually a natural way of helping.

With everybody spending even more time alone, in lockdown and the like, why should those sceptical give CBD products and your products in particular a chance?

We understand why people are sceptical, with so much different information out there. People trying our products can feel rest assured they are putting the highest quality ingredients in their body. Because we grow everything ourselves, we have full traceability of all of our products. We are the only CBD company that is running as a food business, so we have to adhere to the highest standard. We are also Certified Organic by The Soil Association, SALSA Accredited, Vegan Certified and we have recently won a two star Great Taste Award for our tea. Not only are our customers getting a high quality product with lots of CBD goodness, we now have an award for how great it tastes!

How have you personally been spending lockdown and the last few months in this strange new world?

Emma: I am also a makeup artist so I've been trying to use this time in a positive way and do as many online courses as possible, along with creating different looks on myself. It has also been time for me to spend more time with my kids (although home schooling wasn’t easy!).

Iryna: The same as for many people, this strange time has been challenging and nice at the same time. I have enjoyed spending more quality time at home with my kids, going for some lovely walks with our dog and practising yoga.

Do you think the laws need to change in the UK surrounding cannabis?

Yes we think the laws are going to change. We have a while to go yet but Body and Mind are getting ready for it.

Finally, should we expect more additions to the range in the future?

We have a big list of products we want to bring out. Not all of them are CBD too, but they are all-natural wellness products. We have some really exciting Christmas products including the UK First Cannabis infused Chocolate truffle advent calendar. Cannot wait for people to try this. All the truffles taste amazing and while you are getting the CBD needed!

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