Theft is no laughing matter, but when Blackpool Police unveiled a blurry CCTV snapshot of a man stealing a crate of beer from a "restaurant" (although it looked more like a shop), social media users can't help but laugh at the uncanny resemblance the robber has to David Schwimmer.

David Schwimmer at The Great Gatsby screening / Photo Credit: FAM008/FAMOUS

David Schwimmer at The Great Gatsby screening / Photo Credit: FAM008/FAMOUS

Cue the Ross Geller memes! Since yesterday (October 23), the photo has gone viral and the case has received international attention. People are littering the comments sections with quotes from Friends and amazing puns, and we just can't get enough of it. That beer thief has absolutely no chance of getting away with this.

Here are some of the funniest social meda responses:

1. Pivot!

Carrying a crate of beer out of a building is definitely a lot easier than carrying a couch up a set of stairs.

2. It was a pigeon...

A hilarious interpretation of that episode where Ross relays his thoughts on what could be going on in his apartment when he and Rachel lock themselves out.

3. It was Russ!

Do you remember Ross' periodontist doppelganger who Rachel briefly dated from The One With Russ?

4. The One Where...

This could be a future episode of Friends if it ever returned.

5. On a break...

This gives a whole new meaning to Ross' famous line "We were on a break!"

6. Sandwich revenge

After the episode The One With Ross' Sandwich, this is exactly the kind of behaviour we'd expect from Ross if someone had stolen his sandwich again...

7. No-one told him...

Too many lines from I'll Be There For You are appropriate in this context.

8. Could he BE any more...?

Chandler's catchphrase (if you can call it that) is being overused on social media following this story.

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