When Dr. Charles Pincus created the first ever veneers in 1928, he was not aware of the impact the procedure would have on the entirety of on-screen culture. While the initial set of veneers was in no way comparable to modern-day veneers in terms of quality, it’s owing to them that a global spark of interest in having a perfect set of pearly whites spread like wild fire.

Hollywood smiles: © Kelly Redinger/Design Pics PA

Hollywood smiles: © Kelly Redinger/Design Pics PA

What Is A Hollywood Smile?

What Is A Hollywood Smile?The Hollywood Smile procedure is a practice that uses slim tooth-shaped and customised shells made from porcelain, resin, or laminate. Because the veneers are cemented on your teeth, they can eclipse about any dental mishap aside from jaw malocclusion.

They're durable, natural looking, and efficient. And with the modern technologies available at Dentakay, you can now get your Hollywood Smile in one session using 3D printing and computer assisted cameras for accurate smile design.

Top 5 Celebrity Hollywood Smile for Women Makeovers

1- Celine Dione

The artist with the angelic voice and hit song "My Heart Will Go On" sported on veneers for a smile as charming as her vocals. As her career began to take off, the soon to be Mega Star suffered deep pigmentation, slight crowding, and an overall dimness to her grin that didn't match her magnificence. After the Hollywood Smile procedure, Dione gloved a beautiful and uniform smile with a very natural appeal.

2- Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff's celebrity smile transformation is among the most iconic between Hollywood Smile for women. Becoming a household name in the early 2000s, Hillary Duff experimented with different genres between acting and singing. In addition, in an unfortunate accident while performing, Duff chipped her tooth. While she never had a terrible smile, the incident drove the Disney star to opt for a Hollywood Smile procedure. Since then, she's been sporting a beautiful pearly smile.

3- Emma Roberts

Acting may run in the Roberts', but Emma didn't take after her aunt Julia's exceptional smile. The AHS star suffered some yellowing and crookedness that was easily corrected with the use of veneersHer Hollywood Smile for women makeover was very discrete in comparison to other actresses and actors. Her presence under the limelight from a young age makes spotting the difference possible.

4- Miley Cyrus

Starting as the lead in the hit show Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus was rapidly engulfed by global fame. Although she's always had an adorable smile, Miley Cyrus went the extra mile for a memorable smile that later defined her "Bangerz" era.

5- Emma Watson

Starring in the biggest fiction franchise, Emma Watson technically grew up on screen. However, she knew how to keep her smile tweaks a secret. Apparently, the star sported on braces during her Harry Potter era, but only in-between shootings. After fixing the alignment of her teeth, Watson later went for a total makeover with the Hollywood Smile procedure giving her teeth a boost of brightness and uniformity.

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