Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis admits getting off drugs is "the best decision" she's ever made.

The 20-year-old blogger - who is the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis - celebrated being 90 days sober on Friday (10.10.14) after seeking treatment in rehab earlier this year, and feels more positive because she is "no longer allowing chemicals to infiltrate" her body.

She marked the milestone by sharing a photograph of herself on Instagram, with the caption: "90 days ago I was a mucky mess."

She added: "Things are not perfect by any means but I radiate more positive energy on a daily basis then I ever thought possible. No longer allowing chemicals to infiltrate my bod was the best decision I've ever made. Here's 90 more days. Woot woot!"

Her older sister Rumer Willis, 26, showed her support by posting the same photograph on her own profile and wrote: "So proud of you."

Tallulah checked into The Meadows in Arizona for six weeks in late July shortly after revealing she battled an eating disorder and body dysmorphia when she was younger.

She said at the time: "I struggled a lot when I was younger.

"Like I'm diagnosed with body dysmorphia with reading those stupid f***ing tabloids when I was like 13 and feeling like I was ugly, like always. I believed the strangers more than the people who loved me because why would the people who love me be honest?"