Rod Stewart vets his eldest son's dates.

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart, 34, claims the 70-year-old British rocker, who has been happily married to third wife Penny Lancaster since 2007, "will be really disappointed" if he never settles down because he has taught him everything he knows about seducing women.

He said: "My dad gives me lots of advice in many areas of my life, including getting girls.

"I mean... he should know. I've most definitely learned from the best. He has given me the secrets of the young Jedi Stewart. He will be really disappointed if I don't find myself a nice lady now."

Sean still takes most of his potential girlfriends to visit his father's home in Beverly Hills for a "once over."

He told the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper: "A few of them I do take home for my dad to approve. They get so excited - he's the biggest rock star in the world."

Despite always being very close to Rod, Sean admits he had a painful childhood and struggled with drugs and alcohol in his twenties.

He explained: "I was lost. Everybody has hurt and pain inside them, but some people take it out on hurting themselves. I dealt with it by drinking and doing other things. My pain started when I was bullied in high school. I was a skinny little kid, I was scrawny, I was picked on, beat up, made fun of. I was dyslexic and I have OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]. They nicknamed me 'Stupid Stewart' at school."

But Sean credits his family for helping him to overcome his issues.

He added: "I got a lot of love and support from my father, my mother and sister Kim. It was especially my dad, he was always sympathetic to what I went through.

"I'm past that alcohol and drug thing now since I was 30. It's been over three years."