Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon personally thanked Jeff Daniels for inadvertently bringing him and his wife Kyra Sedgwick together by turning down a part in a 1988 TV movie when the two actors met for a recent press chat.

The Footloose star met up with Daniels at The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtable Series of interviews and took the opportunity to recall a very special role that was made possible by his peer.

He explained, "Jeff was doing a play called Lemon Sky off-Broadway with Cynthia Nixon, and they (producers) wanted to shoot it for (U.S. TV channel) PBS' American Playhouse.

"They offered both of them the parts, and they turned them both down. And my wife took Cynthia's part, and I took Jeff's part, so I really have to thank him for my marriage.

"It wasn't really a career decision of mine - it was more a decision of his that was pivotal for me".

Humble Daniels said, "I wondered if you were going to bring this up," before asking Bacon, "Was I invited to the wedding?"